Pablo Ortiz Monasterio

Semana Santa Tarahumara

40 Pages  /  13cm x 18cm

27 Black and White Photographs

Includes A3 Poster by Japanese Collage Artist M!DOR!

Catalog No. 001


About the Project

We call ourselves Rarámuri, we are the ones with light feet. God has brought us to the secret of the sierra which is the center of the world. Here is our seat. Here, where everything has a soul.

Winter is over. It is time to gather for the holy week feast, when the women prepare the teshuino, the last memory of our dead gods. 

We know that Tata Rioshi, the sun that warms the grains, brought to the heart of the Rarámuri this liquor called teshuino, made from corn fermented with oats. Since then we drink it, because in it, the spirits are hidden. 

We gather the corn in wise pots, with wild oats. Pots that have learned to boil well, that learn to boil one from the other. The fire tastes with its tongue the hips of the teshuino pot. And the women labor tirelessly, for flattering is their task.

Includes A3 Poster by Japanese Collage Artist M!DOR!