Andreas Vassiliou


40 Pages  /  18cm x 13cm

19 B&W Photographs

Catalog No. 002


About the Project

One of my significant turning points as a photographer was when I met William Albert Allard, an ex member of the Magnum Photos agency. We got to know one other while he was in Cyprus shooting a story about the country for the National Geographic. I travelled with him for a few days while assisting him with every necessity he had. A day before his leaving, he asked me to share my portfolio with him for review. I had some black and white photos of children with special needs that I was very proud of and I presented to him with thrill.

He went through my photos very very quickly and I felt like I wanted to disappear right then and there. He looked at me and said a few simple words that have stayed with me ever since – “The theme of the photo itself won’t be sufficient to make a good photo. You ought to understand why and what you are photographing. To be respectful and patient towards your subject” At that moment, It felt like everything became clear and I realized that I was only taking my very first steps in photography.

Soon after, I began my personal quest and project wandering around my country to understand my roots alongside my very own self. Cyprus and its Cypriots have thousands of years in tradition, history, and I wanted to capture it all. Till this day, I continue traveling, collecting and constructing a mosaic of the country and the every day struggles of its people.